Experience Coast2Coast Jutland on your bike, and ride through some of the most beautiful and unique countryside of Jutland.

You will start on the West Coast at Søndervig, and you’ll end up on the legendary Bike Track in Aarhus on the East Coast of Jutland.

The Coast2Coast Jutland is a one-day long bike challenge.

We have three distances: the 185 kilometer and the 215-kilometer routes that start in Søndervig, and a shorter route starting in Hjøllund. The 185-kilometer route has 1350 altimeters, while the 215-kilometer route has 1900 altimeters. The route starting in Hjøllund is considered a “½-Coast2Coast Jylland” (see below).

100 km social ride

If you choose the 185 or 215 KM rides, the first 100 kilometers will be a “master ride”.  The “master ride”  means that you’ll start in different starting groups according to the average speed with which you want to ride the first 100 kilometers. These “master ride” groups will be led by two “road captains”, who are responsible for the specific average speed for each group.  This “master ride” will be a no stress, pleasant and social ride. Your official race time for the Coast2Coast ride begins as you exit our “support area” (food and drink) in Hjøllund.

The Race and Hills begins

As you leave the large support area in Hjøllund after the first chaperoned 100 km, the hilly part of the race start. The last 85 or 115 km of the 185 or 215-kilometer rides, respectively, you will experience all the hills you didn’t encounter in the flat western parts of Jutland. This part of Jutland is one of the most beautiful areas in Denmark, with many hills, lakes and spectacular nature.

You decide yourself when you continue or start from the Hjøllund support area.  When you have finished eating and filled your bottles, you may proceed to the starting line and the timed part of the ride begins.

The Start and Starting Groups

You choose your Starting Group, when you register for the Coast2Coast ride. You should choose your Starting Group based on the average speed with which you want to ride the first 100 kilometers of the race.  There will be Starting Groups for the following average speed categories: 24, 26, 28 and 30 km/h. The Starting Groups with the lowest average speed will be the first to start. Each average speed category will be starting in groups of 50 riders with 5 minutes intervals. Riders are divided into the starting groups, as they arrive at the starting line.


As a new initiative, will you now be able to ride the gravel route.

The ride from the start in Søndervig to finish at Aarhus cycling track will offer a mixture of great gravel roads and small asphalt roads. Along the route will you exspirence beautiful nature such as Løvstrup and Bjørslev plantation.

The route is in total either 170- or 75 km, whence about 60 – 70% is on gravel.

The gravel route won’t be signposted, but you’ll receive a GPS-file a week before.

The gravel route wil have three “service and support areas”

First stop – after 55 km – Kibæk, at Kibæk hallen.

Second stop – after 100 km – Hjøllund, at “Dantra”

Third stop – after 135 km – Rye




Århus Cykelbane


The Start in Søndervig

We will start handing out the starting numbers and goodie backs at 7.00 a.m. This will take place at Beach Bowl Leisure Center.


Beach Bowl A/S
Lodbergsvej 36, Søndervig
6950 Ringkøbing

The Finish Line at Aarhus Cycling Track

When you arrive at Aarhus Cycling Track, we will have a big celebration. There’ll be music and we’ll be serving sandwiches, beer and sodas for all riders – pure Danish “hygge”.


Aarhus Cycling Track

Jyllands Allé 79

DK-8000 Aarhus

Shower and changing facilities

The shower and changing facilities at Aarhus Cycling Track are unfortunately limited, and you’ll therefore be unable to shower, and changing of clothes will be out in the open – in real belgien style

Expected starting time of each average speed category

24 km/h:           8:15 – 8:30 (in groups of 50 riders)

26 km/h:           8:50 – 9:15 (in groups of 50 riders)

28 km/h:           9:30 – 10:10 (in groups of 50 riders)

30 km/h:           10:30 – 10:40 (in groups of 50 riders)

When you exit the 2nd stop in Hjøllund, you may ride at your own speed for the last part of the route.  The last part of the ride ends at the legendary Bike Track in Aarhus

Transportation of your luggage

Behind the last starting group in each starting category there will be a luggage and service van, which will transport your luggage – if needed – from Søndervig to Aarhus Cycling Track. You can place your luggage in the luggage and service van before the start. The luggage and service vans will be marked with the average speed of the starting category, they’ll be following. You’ll be able to pick up your luggage as soon as the luggage and service vans arrive at Aarhus Cycling Track.

You get.

  • Signposted route across Jutland through Denmark’s most beautiful nature
  • Coffee at start
  • 4 depots, where there is enough food for the whole trip
  • A large depot halfway with sandwiches, sodas, coffee and cake, etc.
  • 100 km master with guides
  • Start number and timekeeping
  • Sandwich and beer in goal
  • Bicycle party at Aarhus cycle track
  • Coast2coast Jutland medal when you have completed

“Service and Support areas” – Food and drinks

At the starting line in Søndervig we will serve coffee and “rundstykker”, and there will be fruits, water and energy drinks too. Together with your starting number, you’ll also receive a small goodie back with energy bars and energy gels.

There will be 4 “support areas” on the route which will have various food and drink options.

1st stop after 54 kilometers – at Kibæk School (address: Velhustedvej 6, 6933 Kibæk)

Water, Energy Drinks, Cake and Fruits

2nd. stop after 100 kilometers – at Dantra, Hjøllund (address: Dantra A/S, Vejlevej 7, 7362 Hampen)

Sandwiches, Soda, Coffee, Cake, Fruits, Energy Drinks and Water

3rd stop after 135 kilometers (185 km route) or 163 kilometers (215 km route) – at Ejer Bavnehøj

Soda, Cake, Fruits, Energy Drinks and Water

4th stop after 160 kilometers (185 km route)/190 kilometers (215 km route) – at Vilhelmsborg (address: Bedervej 101, 8320 Mårslet)

Soda, Cake, Fruits, Energy Drinks and Water

Finish line

When you arrive at the finish line at Aarhus Cycling Track, we will serve sandwiches and beer or sodas.

Download the route

Strava – 185 kilometers

Strava – 215 kilometers


We will be open for registration at the end of november 2023

Coast2Coast Jylland (185 or 215 km)

  • Registration fee before May 1st, 2024, 495 DKK
  • Registration fee before August 18, 2024, 595 DKK
  • Registration fee after August 18, 2024, 695 DKK

½ Coast2Coast

  • Registration fee before May 1st, 2024, 345 DKK
  • Registration fee before August 18, 2024, 445 DKK
  • Registration fee after August 18, 2024, 495 DKK


Coast2Coast  – The Gravel Ride (170 km)

  • Registration fee until April 30th, 2024, 495 DKK
  • Registration fee from May 1st, 2024, 595 DKK
  • Registration fee from August 18, 2024, 695 DKK

Coast2Coast  – The Gravel Ride (75 km)

  • Registration fee until April 30th, 2024, 395 DKK
  • Registration fee from May 1st, 2024, 445 DKK
  • Registration fee from August 18, 2024, 495 DKK


If you have any questions about the Coast2Coast Jylland do not hesitate to contact us by mail at:

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